Staying Motivated – 5 tips for entrepreneurs

There is no definite formula for success.It is all about persistent trying, learning and a tremendous amount of hard work. As such, it is important to keep your motivation up while on an entrepreneurial journey as that will be the fuel that will keep you going; lifting you up during the long, exhausting days, and keep you going in the face of difficulties.

In this article, we will talk about 5 ways on how entrepreneurs can keep yourself motivated.

1. Setting goals

It is common for entrepreneurs that sometimes while we busy ourselves with the setup of a new business, we lose motivation as the daily grind overwhelms us. As the going gets hard, and the path to next steps might not be the clearest or most obvious; it is important to outline specific goals for business to keep ourselves in check. 

While business goals are important, do not forget to also set goals for yourself. It is important that you should write down your motivations and goals for starting this journey, and write them in places where you can easily see –  it can be on your computer or phone so that you can take them out whenever you feel like you need a motivation booster; or even on a post-it attached to your bathroom mirror so that it is the first thing you see, and you get to start every morning motivated. 

2. Keeping company with the RIGHT people

The entrepreneurship journey can be long and tiresome, and at times a test on mental strength. So don’t build your business on an island. Consistent motivation comes from sharing experiences with other motivated people and from having a support system of people who encourages and care for you. 

Craving for connection with other human beings is part of human nature. You can try building a business on your own, but at some point, you will need to involve others; be it to help you with running the business, or just to stand by you as a listening ear and a pillar of support. Keep connected to your loved ones and bring them along with you in your entrepreneurial journey. Create your own network of inspirational people, and put yourself in the best environment for this journey. 

3. Maintain a healthy routine

One secret ingredient for success good health. Create a healthy routine to keep your energy up and manage stress. Often entrepreneurs make the mistake of overworking themselves, ignoring signs of an overload of stress and physical weariness. While hard work is imperative, so is balance. A healthy routine will help with relieving stress, keeping your body strong and healthy which will impact not only on mental clarity, but also emotionally. 

Find ways to incorporate exercise into your schedule. Always give yourself time for a good night rest, and create a morning routine. Following a routine builds discipline, and keeps you efficient by being a  form of preset guideline on how you should run your day. More importantly, building a balance healthy routine gives yourself a reason to take a break, and refresh.

4. Reward yourself

Success is a long tedious journey, as such, it is important to celebrate the achievements of small milestones. Many entrepreneurs focus on big goals but it is important to remember that the completion of smaller goals and rewarding yourself for it. 
Encouragements can renew motivation – Rewarding yourself for a good job done, whether big or small, is a form of self-acknowledgment. Cherish small successes, acknowledge them and use them as a fuel of motivation. Understand that success takes patience and that you need to be good and kind to yourself to keep going. 

5. Find sources of inspiration

It is hard to remain motivated 100 percent of the time, but with the right sources of inspiration, it will get you going.

There are many content – videos, articles, different forms of virtual content, all of which you can consume immediately. Find motivation content that inspires you and have them ready for tapping into when you feel unmotivated.

Listen to what successful entrepreneurs have to say about taking action so that when you feel down, you can hit “play” and get an instant boost of inspiration. You will be surprised by what a simple video or article can do for your mindset.


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