Smart hacks to generate additional income in this high-tech world

8/30/2019, 12:22

Smart ideas to generate income in this high-tech world

An integral part of our lives today, technology has brought about different forms of entertainment mediums, tools for a more convenient lifestyle, and new ways in which money can be better spent and earned. The progression of technology ensured that opportunities are made available for those who seek, providing ways to increase sources of income that were previously not possible. Businesses and individuals can now leverage on technology to turn resources that were previously idle into money generating streams. 

Lets us have a look at a few options that are commonly used today.

Converting time to money by through apps

Browsing the smartphone for hours seems to be a common hobby for many these days. Scrolling through social feeds, playing online games, and binging on Netflix is all so relaxing and addictive, but neither rewards you with a single penny. 

While some applications are meant to reward the mind, others could possibly reward your pockets. Here are some apps which you can download to fill in surveys, be a secret shopper or maybe to just share photos, all of which offers a pretty cool compensation for just a small commitment of your time and effort: 

·       Nielsen Mobile Panel

·       Placed Panel App

·       Media Insider Panel

·       Screenwise Panel

Converting space to money by renting idle space

It might seem like there’s a catch but there isn’t. Whether you are running a small business like a coffee shop, gym, or spa, or a homeowner with a wall that faces a good amount of public traffic, you can now register as an AIR-space owner. 

Airvert allows anyone to rent out their idle public facing spaces for OOH advertising purposes. These spaces can be anywhere, from windows of shops, toilets in cafes or even external walls of private houses. You can earn quite the stable source of income without much effort; other than signing up for an account, posting the pictures of spaces you want to rent out and waiting for Airvert to call you, there is literally nothing else you need to do! 

Converting your hobby to money by selling your photos

Photography can be an expensive hobby, but that does not mean there is no way to make it “less expensive”. Find ways to make the most out of your lenses and get those clicks working the dollars for you! All you have to do is to upload your work of art onto the many stock libraries that buys and sells high-quality photos for commercial uses and be able to monetize from your photography over and over again. 

Find out if your work meets the industry requirement by starting with a submission trial. All you need is to submit your images on a stock library, and allow them to review your work. If you do not meet their quality standards, your submission will be removed. Should that happen, don’t be discourage, it is always about the trying till you make it.

Become a contributor for websites like Shutterstock or Flickr today. Its time to start sharing your talent with the world, not forgetting, to get paid from it as well! 

Convert used web banners to extra revenue through Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a good revenue stream. It does not involve any product creation or directly selling, rather, it is about leveraging on partnerships with retailers who are willing to pay commissions for sales referral. 

If you already own a website for your business, you could work with complementing brands and products to help direct users who could also be interested in those products to purchase from your partner retailers. In return, you could get a payout for every sales completed through the link from your website. Otherwise, what you can also do is to spend some time to choose a niche that you are interested in, build a proper channel to distribute quality content to engage with customers, and draw them to your channel (it could be a personal website or even a social channel). After generating a healthy traffic for yourself you could then find partner retailers to advertise on your channels and charge them for the referral. 

New Ways, New Revenue Stream!

There are many ways to earn a second source of income and technology is making it easier than ever. Keep yourself updated about all the options available out there, maybe one of them would even become your main career. It is time to leverage on the power of the internet to try out new tools and find new ways, don’t you think?





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